#Erasmusdays – Conferenza What is Erasmus+ and what will it be in 10 years?


Valentina Riboldi Eventi

13 ottobre – 15.30-17.00
Comitato d’Intesa, via del Piave 58 –  32100 Belluno

What is the Erasmus+ Program? What are the opportunities offered by the Erasmus+ Program? How can I get involved?
And what is the destiny of this program? How is it going to look like in 10 years? If you are also wondering about all these questions, you may want to join our conference, where through the help and speeches of some speakers that have experience and are working in this field, you will have the chance to answer to this questions, get to know something more about this program and understand better how it works.


Info e contatti

Per partecipare è necessaria la registrazione va email a:  europa@csvbelluno.it.