#Erasmusdays – Learning by sharing… for an effective inclusion

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Conferenza internazionale al Cpia Napoli città 2, in occasione degli Erasmus Days.


International conference  and creation of an international portfolio of crossed-shared Erasmus+ project results with the contribution of the following  participants:

  • CPIA Napoli città 2: Socio-professional inclusion of migrants and refugees through the discovery of our historical and artistic heritage, the use of a language kit with regional words and the support of our network system.
  • Georghe Bibescu Secondary School, Romania:  “The chance to education”, exchange of methods and pedagogical strategies for ensuring equal opportunities to all students.
  • EducationInProgress:  Inclusion of Young Migrants and NEETS with 4 Key competences to be autonomous in a (new) country: “Shared Responsibity” experience.
  • Center for International Advancement:  Social inclusion through Communication


E’ prevista la presentazione della piattaforma europea EPALE per l’educazione degli adulti, a cura della prof.ssa Annabella Difinizio, Abasciatrice EPALE in Campania.


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Learning by sharing… for an effective inclusion
12 ottobre 2018
via dei Tribunali 370  Napoli


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